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One of my favorite things to do online is to "pop the hood" on powerful free-to-use websites

to learn and see how they really work.

Knowledge is Power, don't you agree?

The more we know...

and the more we understand...

The Better Our Results.


Pinterest has been SO fun to do this with.

Once you jump in with me and see how Pinterest really works...

Your mind will be BLOWN.


While my Pinterest Success Strategies walks you through all the steps

to get your Pinterest account active, engaged, and sending traffic your way,

these All New Advanced Pinterest Tips will take you to the next level.


Ready To Amp Up YOUR Pinterest Results?

If So, Keep Reading... You're Gonna Like This  =)


The whole reason we use Pinterest for our business is...

To Get TRAFFIC, right?

If you're ready for MORE traffic from Pinterest,

let me show you how I'm doing it

and tips to make your pinning MUCH more effective.


The things I've uncovered about Pinterest have blown my mind -

and made using Pinterest very clear for me.

I can now SEE eexactly what I need to do

(because, yes, Pinterest DOES show you what you need... IF you know where to look).


I haven't come across anyone else online sharing this information

that I will share with YOU inside these Advanced Pinterest Tips.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

(yep, it's THAT good)


What's Inside?


PotPieGirl's Advanced Pinterst Tips contains almost a full HOUR of personal training videos,

over the shoulder demonstrations, and explanations from PotPieGirl.

(note: EIGHT additional training modules have since been added for you

more details on the added training below)


We will cover things like:

- How can you KNOW if a Group Board is working for you?

- Should you DELETE Pins? (this might surprise you)

- How to get GREAT Group Board Invites

- How to KNOW which pins are NOT working for you, and...

- What to DO about pins that aren't working for you.


And much, much more.


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February 20, 2017

FOUR New Training Modules Added


I want to really over-deliver with these

Advanced Pinterest Tips!


Just added today, 2/20/2017 -

FOUR Additional Training Modules Covering:

- Pinterest Traffic Stats and What They Mean

- Tailwind or Boardbooster - Which Is Best?

- Follower Counts - Does Number of Followers REALLY Matter?

- An Easy Trick To Breathe New Life into Stalling Pins


February 21, 2017

FOUR MORE Training Modules Added


Whew! I have gone WAY above and beyond

with this Advanced Pinterest Training...

and It is GOOOOOOOOD Stuff  =)


The Four New Training Modules Added 2/21 Cover:

- How Often To Pin To Group Boards

(hint, all Group Boards are NOT the same!)

- How To Reverse-Engineer a Pin...

and a free tool that makes it MUCH easier

- How Pinterest REALLY Uses Words & Images

(tip: if your images rely on words,

 you MUST understand this!)

- Final Thoughts and Points of Importance



This Advanced Pinterest Training Course is INFO-PACKED

full of tips, tricks, and strategies you probably haven't seen before.




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