Using Easy Product Displays? You'll Love PotPieGirl's Tips & Tricks!


Hi, my name is PotPieGirl

and I'm an EPD-aholic  =)


I've been using the Easy Product Displays tool for a LONG time.

Those of us "in the know" about this magical tool

call it EPD for short.

As an Amazon affiliate and an affiliate blogger,

it is THE tool to use to create attractive and highly effective

Amazon affiliate product image link displays.

Wait, What ?!?

You've never USED Easy Product Displays?


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I'll wait  =)

Or, just watch my quick demo video below.


In my testing, the Amazon affiliate links
created with the EPD tool convert to sales
BETTER than any other type of image link.


Access the Easy Product Displays Tool Here

Yep, EPD is that powerful

and it's an essential tool for my online business.


After creating hundreds, if not THOUSANDS

of Amazon affiliate image links with EPD,

I have learned some really awesome

tips and tricks when using EPD.


I've also learned how to do not-so-common things

with EPD in a much easier way that isn't so obvious.


Like What?


Here's an example:


Have you ever wanted your EPD image link

to float left and your post content to wrap around it?


Sure, you can do it the way others do.


You can do it MY way.

(my way is MUCH faster and easier)

In fact, I have one way of wrapping images

that is super simple to do.

And then...

I have ANOTHER way to do it

that is Super- DOOPER simple to do.

And that's just ONE of my EPD Tips and Tricks.


Heard enough?

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I have lots of other cool EPD tricks up my sleeve...

if you know me at all, you know this for certain:


PotPieGirl creates ways to be more effective,

to save you time & frustration, and

shares them in an easy to understand way.


I like things SIMPLE.

You know why?


Because Simple WORKS!


But wait... there's more  ;)

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This is a very simple way to STOP LOSING SALES.


If you'd like to learn all the other cool things

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If you love EPD like I do,

You WILL love my Tips & Tricks.


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